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Transport – Poland

Transport to/from Poland

From the very beginning Klados company has specialized in freight transport between the Czech Republic and Poland. We provide export transport from the Czech Republic to Poland, import transport from Poland to the Czech Republic, domestic transport in Poland and import transport between Poland and other European countries. We operate various vehicles, particularly curtainsider semitrailers, curtainsider trucks with central-axle trailer, tipper trailers and trucks with tarpaulin, walking-floor trailers, refrigerated trucks, low cab forward trucks and vans.

Thanks to our cooperation with Polish haulage companies we can offer you very favourable prices.

Export Transport to Poland

Export transport to Poland represents 56% of our „Polish“ transport services. The most frequent places of loading are in Moravia and Silesia, however, we depart from anywhere in the Czech Republic.

We will be happy to offer you export transport services to all European countries.

Import Transport from Poland

Import transport from Poland represents 37% of our „Polish“ transport services. The most frequent places of loading in Poland are Województwo Mazowieckie, Województwo Łódzkie and Województwo Podlaskie, however, we depart from anywhere in Poland.

We will be happy to offer you import transport services from Poland.

Domestic Transport in Poland

Domestic transport in Poland represents 7% of our „Polish“ transport services. Domestic transport services in Poland are performed by means of large trucks, low cab forward trucks or vans.

We will be happy to offer you domestic transport services in Poland.

Transport Poland – Europe

The most frequent destination from Poland is Germany and back, followed by transport operation between Poland and Italy, Poland and Benelux countries, Poland and Austria.

We will be happy to offer you transport services between Poland and all European countries.

Groupage Service Poland

Since Poland is a close destination, in some cases groupage service is more economical than transport performed by part-load in a truck or another vehicle. Anytime we have a consignment of smaller volume and weight we calculate its transport costs and offer part-load or groupage service transport and prices to our customers.

We will be happy to offer you favourable prices for part-load or groupage services to and from Poland.

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